1. Target Market

As Pull & Bear is a youth-oriented company, the target market consists mostly of adolescents and young adults. Thus, Pull & Bear aims to cater to the fashion needs of this group of youthful, fashionable and educated customers.  As the target market is fashion savvy, Pull & Bear has to make sure that the company keeps up with the trend, or even better, create new trends to suit the ever-changing needs of their customers. Furthermore, the market is price sensitive. Therefore, Pull & Bear needs to keep the prices of their clothing and apparels at affordable prices, but at the same time, projecting a trendy and fashionable image to the market and industry.

 As most of their customers are educated and technologically adept, Pull & Bear has created a Youtube account, Facebook and Twitter pages to reach out to their target market, providing them with updates and events. Additionally, Pull & Bear has an application for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In this way, their customers can keep up with their new releases and latest prices, as well as browse through their seasonal collections.  

App for iPhone, iPod & iPad

2. Retail Format

The retail format of Pull & Bear is Clothing Chain. The retail mix of Pull & Bear must suit the target market’s demographics, lifestyle and purchase behaviour, so as to satisfy the needs of their target market better than its competitors. The company specialise in adapting to the needs of young shoppers, and is a must-stop shopping destination for casual, laid-back fashion.

Retail Mix
Types of Products and Services
The range of Pull & Bear’s products is narrow and deep. The products offered are only clothing and apparels (such as shoes, belts, sunglasses, etc). However, they have a very deep assortment of clothes and apparels, offering a large number of items in each category.
Pull & Bear provides a wide range of services. For example, they provide alterations at an additional cost and allow customers to place orders for products at the store during a period indicated in the stores. Another example would be issuing a special gift receipt upon the customer’s request. This gift receipt can be used to facilitate the exchange or return of gifts. One more example would be providing tips for garment care on their website. It informs customers how to take care of their garments in a proper way and provides the washing instructions for different kinds of materials. 
Detailed Washing Instructions for customers on their website
As Pull & Bear focuses on the young market, the company sets accessible and affordable prices for their products.

Advertising & Promotion
Pull & Bear comes up with campaigns, events and competitions regularly. For example, Pull & Bear has organized and participated in events and campaigns such as the Gran Via Madrid and Fashion’sNight Out in 2010, the latter being a collaboration with Vogue. Also, there is a competition in Singapore, Hottest Pulland Bear Looks Competition, where participants dress themselves up in Pull & Bear’s clothing and apparels, and the online community can vote for the best-looking outfit.

Shoppers can easily locate and access Pull & Bear’s outlets in Singapore as they are located within a stone’s throw of the Orchard and HarbourFront MRT stations. Additionally, customers of Pull & Bear can have their garments altered at the point of purchase upon their request. 

One of Pull & Bear's services, Altering of Clothing

3. Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Customer Loyalty
As Pull & Bear has been a rising retailer in the recent years, it is evident that the company has established their brand image and solidified their status in the fashion industry. By providing unique merchandise and excellent customer service to their desired target market, Pull & Bear has countless loyal customers across the world today.

P&B at VivoCity
P&B at Orchard ION
P&B at Ngee Ann City

The local outlets of Pull & Bear are located at Orchard ION, VivoCity and Ngee Ann City, where most of the shoppers and tourists are congregated. Thus, there is a very high traffic of shoppers in these locations. As their outlets are located in shopping malls, they provide comfortable surroundings for their customers. Shoppers do not have to be worried about the weather, and they can rest their legs and have a meal at restaurants when they feel tired or hungry after shopping. Furthermore, their outlets are located at easily accessible locations. Shoppers can alight at Orchard or HarbourFront MRT stations and arrive at their outlets conveniently. 

Exclusive Merchandise
Pull & Bear frequently collaborates with comics publishing companies, cartoon companies and prestigious brands to produce exclusive and limited edition shirts. For example, Marvel Superheroes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Futurama, etc.